How to do Dancer Pose | Natarajasana Tutorial with Briohny Smyth

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Learn how to do Dancer Pose (Natarajasana). This free beginner video tutorial will teach you the proper alignment and technique to help you safely move into Dancer Pose. Continue practicing with this full-length yoga class:

Dancer Pose is a beautiful balancing pose that opens your entire front body. This pose strengthens your muscles, as well as your focus and your balance.

Here are some health benefits of Dancer Pose:
– Opens your chest, shoulders, and hips
– Strengthens legs and ankle muscles
– Improves balance and flexibility

How to do Dancer Pose:
1. Start in a standing position with your feet together.
2. Draw one leg in toward your chest and begin to root down through all four corners of your standing leg’s foot.
3. Lift your kneecap to engage your standing quadricep and firm your glute in toward your midline to stabilize your pelvis.
4. Bring your bent knee down in line with your standing leg.
5. Begin to tip forward and reach your lifted foot up behind you.
6. Bring your free arm across your body to hold on to your lifted foot.
7. For the flip grip, bring your same-side elbow to the outside of the leg and turn your palm up as you grab hold of the pinky-toe edge of your foot.
8. Let go with your free arm and turn your chest toward the front of your mat, lifting your elbow up toward the sky.
9. Reach your free arm up and back behind you and grab hold of your lifted foot. Kick your foot up as you press your chest forward and straighten your standing leg.

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