5 Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because You’re An Enneagram 8 Woman (A Dangerous Personality Type)


Five things people don’t realize you’re doing because you’re an Enneagram 8 woman, the most dangerous personality type.

If you’re an Enneagram 8 woman, you are considered one of the most “dangerous” personality types as the traits and behaviors associated with this personality type are often deemed (wrongly so) socially unacceptable for women. Yet these are the same traits and behaviors that are some of the most powerful strengths Enneagram 8 women can exhibit so long as they harness them constructively and with empathy.

Having “breadwinner” energy.

You’re an Enneagram 8, you can’t help it. Everywhere you go, you want to lead and take care of things. You want to protect and serve. When you walk into an environment you can change and transform it completely just through your presence, ideas, personality, and game plan. Whether you’re getting the check for your friends, planning a get-together, or building your own company, you’re always on top. While not all Enneagram 8 women are bold and loud, many exude an intense power from within that naturally intimidates others and their presence alone takes up all the energy and space in the room. The leadership qualities of the Enneagram 8 woman can clash with society because this is a woman who stands in her natural power without apologies. And frankly, that’s a bit frightening for a society that seeks to subdue women at large.

You’re blunt AF.

Is your boyfriend toxic? Let an Enneagram 8 woman give it to you straight (but keep her away from your boyfriend in the meantime, unless you really want him to be humbled directly). Could you improve on something and want to know what that could be? Uh oh. Unless you want some healthy feedback that you can actually put to use, avoid the Enneagram 8 woman at all costs. She is blunt AF, and you may be both alarmed and amused at how carefree and open she is with her words. Unless an Enneagram 8 woman is a straight up narcissist, most of the time her bluntness has very little to do with cruelty or malice, however. In fact, genuine kindness and care are at the root of her motives. If she didn’t care about the outcome of a friendship, relationship or goal, or your mental well-being, she wouldn’t even bother. But when she tells you the truth, she says it because she knows it’s helpful, and usually serves the greater good and your highest good.

Being right a lot of the time and accomplishing great things as easily as breathing because of their resilience.

Bossy? More like doing you a favor. Okay, okay maybe they’re not right every time, but we would still discourage you from ignoring an Enneagram 8 woman’s advice at your own risk. Their wisdom comes from hard-earned experience and knowledge, as most Enneagram 8s tend to be forced to tackle tough circumstances from a young age and develop exquisite resourcefulness as a result. They earned their resilience and know how to leverage their strengths masterfully and they know the right and wrong path to take, so long as they balance that with empathy and tact. They have done the calculations, they possess sharp intuition, and they usually know what works best in any situation that involves some kind of “winning” or “overcoming” because they have had to be problem-solvers their whole lives. If you don’t believe them, simply have a look at their track record of success. They aren’t called The Challenger for nothing. They are master alchemists, overcoming challenges and transmuting obstacles thrown their way into achievements like it’s nothing because they’ve been doing it all along.

Taking care of your enemies for you. 

Stay silent for what? An Enneagram 8 woman may not be the most demure woman you come across, but she’s certainly the friend you want in your corner when shit’s going down (or need tips on how to bury a body – just kidding! She prefers avoiding jail time). She will defend and protect her loved ones with bold ferocity and the rights of the most vulnerable with a take-charge attitude that leaves you breathless. But seriously, Enneagram 8 women can be terrifying when they want to be and when necessary. So long as it’s for the greater good, I don’t see the problem.

Showing surprise vulnerability.

Surprise! The tough exterior of an Enneagram 8 woman hides the warm, soft, squishy Jigglypuff heart of someone who wasn’t allowed to be vulnerable in the world and had to develop a tough shell to survive. If you are a person of integrity, patience, honesty, and empathy, you may just get to witness this vulnerable side once in a while when they open up to you and show you their softer side. But an Enneagram 8 woman will make you swear it never happened, and they’re not afraid to leave you in the dust if you ever take advantage.

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