I did YOGA for 30 days. Here’s what happened.

Yoga For Men
Fitness / mindfulness challenge complete! I did YOGA every day for 30 DAYS in a row. Topics discussed include: (1) Non-scale victories: What qualifies as success? (2) The crack: Is cracking your back bad? (3) Checking-in: How can one check in with their body and mind simultaneously? (4) Group vs Solo Yoga: How does a different setting affect your performance on the yoga mat? (5) The Internal Struggle is Real: Why is “Savasana” the hardest pose?

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Perform yoga at your own risk. I’m not an expert. I’m just crazy.

Most of this video was shot on a Canon 90D (24mm and 50mm lenses). Also features DJI OSMO and Canon T3i. Audio was captured by the PreSonus M7 and Zoom H1. This video was edited in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Several images and video clips were pulled from Pixabay’s royalty-free library. I also included screen-captures of other videos which have been credited on screen.

Chase Barron as “Chase”
Maebell Snow Barron as “Puppy 1”

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