Yoga For Beginners
Here is a full yoga class that is an hour long. If you missed out on going to the yoga studio today but still want your 1 hour class experience, please use this video.
This sequence is perfect for those of you new to yoga, or those of you transitioning from HATHA to VINYASA and need to get a sense of FLOW. Move with the breathe, learn how to engage your muscles in the various yoga postures (āsanas).

Students that try out this sequence should already be familiar with some Key postures like: Downward Facing Dog, Cobra, Chaturanga etc. which are the most repetitive movements you will find in any typical Vinyasa class.

Have near you a yoga block and roll our your mat before pressing play.
The video will even play throughout your Vinyasa. So try to remain focussed on your own practice and avoid looking at the screen as much as you can. Try to listen more than watching.

Perhaps having a quick watch of what to expect in the video might help!

This 1 hour flow is perfect to combine with any other workouts that you do during the week.


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