Understanding Astrology Transits In Our 30s and 40s


Like many spiritual sciences, astrology has become hugely popular in recent years. Most people now know when Mercury is in Retrograde or what astrology sign the full moon is in. More than ever people are also starting to become aware of major life ‘transits’ such as the Saturn Return transit which generally happens around the age of 28-31. Typically this is a time when the universe is bringing the teachings of Saturn into our life with full force and tapping us on the shoulder to see if we are following our inner authority rather than the path societal conditioning may have us following.

These topics seem to have got the majority of astrology mainstream air time but there are several other life transits that can be helpful to be aware of.

We each have a unique birth chart that has the specific placement of planets at the time we were born and imprinted with their energy. We call this the natal placements. As the planets are always moving, when a planet in motion meets one of the natal positions of the planets when we were born, it creates a ‘transit’. 

Transits are always happening but some last longer and can have a bigger impact on our life, in particular, outer planets like Neptune and Pluto.

In our early thirties, post the lessons of Saturn Return, we really feel like we’ve figured some things out and are on a solid path. However, life with its twists and turns has way more lessons and surprises in store for us to aid with our expanding growth and awareness of our true self.

Some of these changes and life lessons generally come when we reach our late 30’s and early 40’s, although the age of when the transits occur can differ slightly for different generations.

The planet Pluto is about depth and transformation. It’s a very slow-moving planet. By our late 30s it makes a square of the right angle to the ‘natal’ placement of where Pluto was when we were born. Squaring aspects can be challenging. This placement often can mean a lot of unexpected change. Things that we felt were solid ground may fall away if necessary. It’s a huge time of surrender, trust, and an opportunity to recognise any changes that are happening on your life journey, making a room for something else to land.

The transits affect everyone differently. But the overall message for a Pluto transit is surrender and impermanence and a huge trust that everything is unfolding exactly as it should for you. We can never second guess what will happen in these transits, but they are certainly a time for us to really lean into our grounding practices, whether that is yoga and meditation or something else that keeps us steady in times of change.

Straight after our Pluto Square, we generally slide into a Neptune Square transit. Neptune is a home where the realms of bright imagination live, but can also feel a bit dreamy and foggy, illusional and even delusional. This transit generally happens in our very early 40s and can be a period of deeper spiritual curiosity, insight and growth. After Pluto Square levels the ground and the dreamy Neptunian Square energy comes in,  one can stumble upon an “I’m not sure where I’m really going, or what’s coming next” thought. 

This could have a classic mid-life crisis feel, especially for those who may have not explored relating to their deeper self or contemplated the deeper meaning of life.

Transits are markers in our evolution that we all face. They are not to be feared but rather are there to guide us, shake out what’s not serving us, and often set new paths of discovery that we wouldn’t have imagined. 

I often take birth data of my Spiritual Mentoring clients and am fascinated that very often people come to see me during one of these transits when they are wanting to tap more into their deepest self and really hone their inner compass in life. When someone lost comes to me seeking for some guidance, I share that they are exactly where they need to be since they have heard the messages in their life and are curious about creating a deeper connection to themselves. I think that is one of the biggest lessons in life we all come here to remember. 

Belinda Matwali

Belinda Matwali is a Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Guide. She has over ten years of experience in meditation training and study and completed 19 meditation trainings with her Masters in India.

She offers 1-2-1 Spiritual Mentoring through which she encourages and guides people back to their deepest self and learn meditation tools that suit them individually that they can always come back to. Meditation is not one size fits all, so Belinda really listens to tune into what each person needs.

She’s collaborated with Deliciously Ella, Sweaty Betty, Wanderlust, Beatport and more. If you’re curious about working with Belinda either in a Spiritual Mentoring capacity or through a course or workshop, please arrange a free 15min call via her website.

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