Simon Borg-Olivier Demonstrating & Explaining Internal Details of Advanced Yoga Postures

Yoga Postures
In this video, I describe and demonstrate what I’m doing practically and anatomically in this intermediate to advanced fluid practice developed by fellow physiotherapist Bianca Machliss and myself.

To do postures such as these safely, and to derive more than just surface benefits it is really important to understand what is going on at a deeper level.

When one part of your body touches another part of your body, or when more than one limb is touching the floor, Then there is ambiguity and you cannot simply try to imitate the shape of the posture without the risk of problems occurring.

At such times and with these types of postures you need to apply resistance exercise protocols and really understand how to activate the lengthened muscles. It is also important to not lock your core but rather to move from your core in order to enhance your strength flexibility and minimise the risk of injury.

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