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Yoga For Men
Yoga is for everyone, however men sometimes need a little more encouragement to start the practice.

In this series we play to the strengths men often have in the yoga practice; strength in arms and shoulders, pushing strength and arm balances.

But also address some of the common problems men might face on the mat; tightness through neck and shoulders, tight low back and hamstrings and those troublesome hips! for the intermediate practitioner.


If you’re wondering why there’s been a lack of uploads on the channel recently. My family was rocked by the news that my eldest brother Blake Hann had suddenly passed away.

Blake leaves behind, his super wife Mel along with his 4 beautiful sons Frankie (9), Axel (6), Spike (3) & rocko (1).

They need our support now more than every to get through this so if you can find it in your hearts to donate, your support means more than you know. Link to gofundme page below.

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