Transmute Grief through Movement: The Healing Power of Dance


Pip Elysium is the co-founder of AcroYogaDance, an internationally recognised AcroYoga Expert, 500hr Yoga Teacher and Wanderlust TV guide. Catch her on WLTV offering YogaDance, Deep Release Flow, or try one of her multi-class courses like Splits Flow or Dynamic Flexibility

The pandemic upended normalcy for many folks, including Pip Elysium. She lost her yoga studio, her Central London home, and then endured an unexpected break-up and the death of a dear friend. The mounting grief felt heavy, and Pip looked for an escape route, setting her sights over the ocean on Bali. 

Upon arrival, Pip turned to movement and dance in Bali as an outlet for her grief. Dance is not just a methodical and repetitive exercise, but an expression of the soul—and a social activity—all of which assist in the healing process. As a trained ballet dancer, one would have assumed that engaging in dance lessons would be easy for Pip, but in fact, she hadn’t danced for years. Being in a dance class with a line of other girls and confronting herself in a mirror was a challenging experience. Slowly she found her way, able to use nourishing movement to help her take her first steps to healing. It wasn’t easy. Then she found partner dance.

Pip met Bryndon Tarafa at a partner dance class. They started dancing Bachata and together they were able to begin to create a dance partnership. Once or twice a week, they would meet for rehearsals, practicing lifts and choreography, finding expression through movement. They were both carried by dance itself—a life-affirming, dynamic force.

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By sharing her story of finding healing through movement, Pip wants to encourage you to try something new. Using movement as the vehicle, you can face your fears, spur your growth and lean in to the full expression of what life has to offer. You just might find the gift of movement and dance that Pip so nearly lost.


Pip Elysium is the co-founder of AcroYogaDance, an internationally recognised AcroYoga Expert, 500hr Yoga Teacher and Content Creator. Originally from London UK, and now currently living in Bali – Pip is trained in ballet and contemporary dance and has performed extensively. She brings the beauty of movement and exceptional quality of line to the demonstration of Yoga & AcroYogaDance. She maintains focus on helping you discover your true essence through her classes.

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