Yoga For Back Pain
BACK PAIN? You are not alone, no matter how severe you feel the pain in the back. More than 500 million people in the world suffer severe or acute back pains at some stage of life. Most of the pains are due to overweight, improper sitting for long periods in office chairs, carrying heavy shoulder bags on one side, standing/sitting hunch back, and living a sedentary lifestyle. They could accumulate and cause long-term damage as your muscles become weak and lose flexibility around the neck, back, glutes and hamstrings. For some, it could cause stiffness or tightness in the muscles of your neck, shoulder, and muscles surrounding the spinal column

How yoga can help?
Yoga offers a simple effective and permanent cure for many conditions of back pain. Many chronic back pains like spondylitis, spinal degeneration or early osteoarthritis or slipped disc, sciatica, bulging disc, or herniated disc (was sometimes suggested by doctors for an operation) that has been diagnosed incurable, can be easily healed, relieved in few days to a few weeks of yoga practise along with strengthening exercises.
Here are some specific Yoga asana (poses) to increase the functional efficiency of various muscle groups to relieve back pain, along with some strengthening exercises that strengthen supporting muscles, glutes, hamstrings, and thigh muscles. I am sure many people can be healed by following even some exercises mentioned here. Do not overdo. Give time for your body to heal. Wish you all be free from pain and suffering. I request you to take a before and after video of yourself, if these exercises helped you recover.
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Disclaimer: “The information provided in this video is exclusively for the education purpose only and it is not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any specific disease. We are not endorsing any product or any educational institute or health professional. There is no conflict of interest”.

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