October: the month of Mental Health Awareness


On October 10 the world acknowledges the importance of Mental Health, raising awareness around the importance of taking care of ourselves and those around us. In the past year, the global dynamic in mental health has seen great challenges in staying well and good with ourselves – it was and still is a difficult time on so many levels.

Mental health issues are silent. In comparison with physical health where the body alarms us using pain, mental issues don’t scream out loud – they hide, and they manifest themselves in various ways, affecting relationships with others, work, perception of self and more.

Here at Wanderlust, we’ve been blessed to have an offering of tools, resources from the most educated community leaders and guides who have been sharing their knowledge of practice and theory that can help us heal, and strengthen our mental health immunity (we call it resilience, right?).

Whether it’s yoga, breathwork, mediation or power fitness class, this is something that we strive to have available for anyone and anywhere, and that includes you too.

Danielle La Porte

Active Letting Go to Ease Suffering

Join Danielle LaPorte for a practice to move stuff over and out. Make space. And drink in the medicine of acceptance. You’ll receive guidelines to get in front of change and move into the courageous stillness—where Leadership is born.

Why meditate

Why Meditate

Not sure why you should begin meditation? Not sure how to begin?

Let Megan Monahan help you get started with this simple first practice.


Neuroplasticity: Taking Charge of Your Life

Lisa Wimberger, Co-founder of NeuroPraxis, gives a deep dive on the power to repattern our mind. Grace and ease don’t come from luck, they come from the intentional navigation of your own nervous system. This course teaches you how to identify subtle emotional and mental patterns in the nervous system and unwind them using body and mind techniques. You’ll discover the power of your own neuroplasticity and learn to direct it to end self-sabotage patterns, ease the weight of old wounds, and become the author of your own story.
James Dowler

Breathwork for Resilience

Learn how to use the breath as a vehicle to strengthen your body’s ability to be with and process day to day stress moments. It is essential that the systems in your body have a certain level of resilience to be with the activity of the everyday.

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