Yoga Poses To Open Hips (Hip Opening Stretches)

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Yoga Poses To Open Hips (Hip Opening Stretches)

Welcome to this 10 minute yoga class that explores Yoga poses to open the hips! We work into yoga postures that will gently encourage the hips to open and release any tightness that may be held within the hips. These morning yoga pose stretches will allow space and freedom with in the hips but also the lower back. Working with the hips in this way can really release tightness and tension from the lower back also!

When working into the body in this way we may also shift things emotionally as the hips are said to be the seat of our emotions. The hips are deeply connected to the second chakra the sacral chakra: when this area is faced with blockages of energy we may feel stuck, lack creativity, feel emotional instability. So by open and working into this area and allowing the opening of the hips we encourage the energy to flow the just as we would like creativity to flow!

We begin these morning yoga stretches on our back where we encourage the breath to open deeply down into the pelvis area before moving into a few bridge poses to open the hip flexers. We then move into some butterfly yoga poses and happy baby yoga pose stretches that will allow the whole hips area to open. Thereafter we come to hands and knees for some wide leg child pose before exploring some deep hip opening yoga stretches for the hips though low and high lung.

I really hope that this yoga to open hips helps and these morning yoga stretches set you up for the day! Happy hip stretching. x

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