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Welcome to this morning yoga stretches Hatha Yoga class where we will work into some morning yoga stretches. These morning yoga stretches with conscious breath will open the heart, hips, spine and shoulders. It is a perfect yoga class to do as a daily stretching routine.

We arrive to a seated position in order to explore a beautiful heart gesture mudras that will really allow the heart to open and get the lungs breathing nice and deeply! We work into the shoulders and open the chest in this morning yoga stretch.

I encourage ocean breath if you enjoy that breath and then we set an intention that you can explore for the yoga class and also your morning and day ahead!

We then begin to stretch the body through some beautiful yoga stretches! We work from seated to begin with yoga stretches to open up the chest, waist and shoulders before coming to hands and knees.

On hands and knees we explore yoga stretches that work to open and stretch the hips, shoulder, spine, chest and arms: thereafter we stretch the whole body in downward facing dog yoga pose before working into some lung stretches, and half splits!

Our peak stretches is coming into a crescent yoga pose, drawing the chest open with a clasp behind the back before coming back to a seated yoga pose to close the hatha yoga class down.

This yoga class is a perfect yoga class for the morning and will really help to encourage. ore life force, prone and fuller breathing! The yoga stretches will encourage the body to feel more supple and flexibility and strong.

If you are doing this in a morning just take your time, especially if the body feels stiff: morning yoga stretches are the best for waking the body up and starting your day!

I really hope you enjoy these morning yoga stretches!

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