This September, It’s All About the Community


We’re back to school and we’re #backtogether. The month of September is packed with 108s from NYC to Lisbon, and is truly about the power of Wanderlust community. Get (virtually) prepped for the month of reconnection with like-minded souls.

Warm-up to 108 Flow
with Hannah Barrett

hannah b

Join Hannah Barrett for this dynamic vinyasa flow as you get prepped for your next Wanderlust 108. Learn sequences as demonstrated at Wanderlust 108 London by Hannah and get in the spirit of the mindful triathlon without leaving your home.

We Must Practice Conscious Activism
with Seane Corn

seane corn

In this Wanderlust Speakeasy, renowned yoga teacher Seane Corn discusses her life as an activist and how she has gained perspective through her practice of yoga. Through her experience, Corn has found activism unsustainable in its past and current forms, as it encourages a dynamic of non-communication: People shouting at each other, but not listening to each other.

Flow with Seane at Wanderlust 108 Brooklyn this September – click here to book your physical or digital ticket.

Decoding the Mystery of Relationships
with Rod Stryker

Rod Stryker

The founder of ParaYoga, Rod Stryker, is widely considered to be one of the preeminent yoga and meditation teachers in the United States. He is renowned for his depth of knowledge, practical wisdom, and unique ability to transmit the deepest aspect of the teachings and practices to modern audiences and students from all walks of life. Rod has taught for more than thirty-five years, training teachers leading corporate seminars, yoga retreats, and workshops throughout the world.

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