It’s Time To Reclaim The Meaning Of Beauty


I want you to sparkle. To stop denying yourself beauty for the sake of practicality or intelligence. We must reclaim beauty for what it truly is—life essence dropped carefully, shared spontaneously, drank in eagerly, appreciated reverently.

A wanting for life and its courageous glory is what wakes us, keeps the heart beating. You cannot tell me that beauty is not the bones of where hope lives. This beauty is not a quest for answers or the temporary. It is a need that vibrates up your spine and through every cell, already existing in sustainable bravery.

You just have to see it, darling.

We must reclaim the meaning together, the sheer primal truth of beauty. It is not found in waist measurements or catalogs or in a store. Beauty, as I see it in you, is the devotion to live a full life knowing yourself and allowing desire to unfold into adventurous transformation.

It is everything that makes a life.

The material is allowed to matter in the way it holds you, embraces your sacred journey. It is the details of you overflowing in expression as you change and build life after life.

I see you living it all. Heart drumming, wild, ribcage in the earth, guttural howling, the deep surrender of grief. Twirling, dizzy on love in a garden full of perennials lit by stars and candles. Pounding rubber soles on asphalt, tears streaming, arms pumping, sweat streaming, the finish line.

There are moments in between filled with soft light and boredom. Days that disappear in a haze. And I see you there with your lists growing in the existentialism of life’s purgatory. And this too is beauty.

You deserve to thrive. To feel your pulse quicken by the excitement of life. To decorate your world with all the beauty that being human invites. Beauty is in your very existence. That is the meaning. Knowing simply that you are alive in the world.

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