Darling, Love Yourself Now


Hey there, boss babe. I see you owning your day. You’ve pinned about 20 positive quotes, overserved yourself some caffeine, and updated the vision board. Your goals are sprinkled like glitter across your life. Your pretty eyes seek motivation and inspiration at every turn. You pray for a sign that this is finally your season. From one go getter to another, let’s take a step back, baby girl. In your sea of someday, you’re drowning out someone important.

I know she isn’t the skinnier, more successful you that is loved and admired by all for her career, social standings, and beauty. But she is who you are at this moment. I cannot stress this enough: Please love yourself now. The girl you see in the mirror every day deserves the care you think that you will be able to give a better version of yourself. Make a habit of being Journey Happy. The only destination is death, and there will forever be something to improve. If you’re always looking to the future, you’ll never happily exist in the present.

Self-love is a soul-wrenching, honest, and humbling adventure. I hope that you choose it anyhow. This goes beyond bubble baths and face masks. I am pleading with you to fall in love with exactly who you are right now. The version of you who can’t get it just right. The imperfect you with her anxiety, her silliness, her amazing imperfect smile that lights up every room she enters. The “as is” model of yourself, the one you’ve downplayed and slept on. The irony is, when you learn to love her, all of those goals that you’ve set and reset and failed and are trying again will come easier. You will genuinely believe that you deserve what you want from this life. You won’t accept less because you’ve managed to teach yourself that it is imperative to give yourself the best.

I wholeheartedly believe in goal setting, daydreaming, and creating who you’d like to be. It’s a beautiful thing to build oneself up. Allow self-love to be the foundation upon which you build your empire. Know that who you are today deserves happiness. You deserve nice things, you deserve to walk with your head held high, and you deserve to feel confident. You don’t owe anyone a perfected version of yourself. You don’t have to settle until you deem yourself worthy.

Release your insecurities. Let go of this idea that you have to change to be worth looking twice at. Do everything your heart desires. Reach for the moon, and don’t even settle for landing among the stars, but love yourself in the process. Love yourself in the wilderness. Love yourself regardless and unconditionally. No mistakes were made in your creation. Take yourself off of the vigorous, ferocious, and unjust time table. Take a deep breath.

Darling, courageously, unapologetically, and with your whole heart, love yourself now.

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