Have Back Pain? Yoga Trapeze® for Strength Tutorial

Yoga For Back Pain
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If your back pain makes you feel old and stiff; if it slows you down and makes it difficult to exercise and enjoy life;if you’ve tried dozens of remedies and nothing has worked; then I’d like to introduce you to the Yoga Trapeze®, the #1 inversion therapy device in the world.

My students use the Yoga Trapeze to help with:

Chronic lower back pain
Herniated & bulging discs
Muscle spasms and trigger points
Spinal stenosis
Spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis
Facet syndrome

Here’s How it Works:

*Get Instant Spinal Traction. Hang upside down and safely reverse spinal compression by creating more space between your vertebrae.

*Relieve Trigger Points. Unlock knots and muscle spasms. When upside-down, your breathing is slow and diaphragmatic, calming your nervous system.

*Build Functional Strength. Stabilize the joints of your spine with functional strength. You’ll learn squats, inclined rows, passive hangs, and flying pushups that fun deliver fast results.

*Develop Full-Body Flexibility. Release your stiffness throughout your entire spine with passive flexibility practices that allow you to relax and achieve big gains at the same time.

YOGABODY transforms lives with science-based yoga. No matter what your age or background, we can help you achieve optimal health in a fun, sustainable way. Founded in 2007, YOGABODY set a new standard for professional yoga education and props manufacturing internationally. The YOGABODY Group includes physical yoga studios, 2,000+ certified teachers, teacher certification and diploma programs, and a specialized range of products. We believe practice is everything. YOGABODY has warehouses in California (USA) and in the United Kingdom. The corporate office is in Barcelona, Spain, and our staff represent 13 different countries.

USA Store: https://shop.yogabody.com
UK & Europe Store: https://store.yogabody.com
Trainings: http://www.YogaTeachersCollege.com

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