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20 Minute Morning Yoga Flow (AM For Energy) is a great way to start the AM of the day. So energizing yoga for morning is here for you! We’ll begin this YouTube yoga class seated, to settle into our morning yoga practice and we’ll start with a breathing practice (kabalabhati breath). Remember, when practicing kabalabhati breath, the inhales are passive and the exhales are more pronounced and forceful through the nose. Do remember to inhale though! If you don’t, you’ll run out of breath. I heard someone describe this type of breathing practice as blowing a candle out through the nose. We’ll practice 3 rounds of this breath and it’s great for warming the body up and for increasing energy throughout the body. Next we’ll begin moving, slowly warming up and getting the body ready to (yoga) flow. We add yoga standing poses like warrior 2, reverse warrior and side angle. These standing yoga postures help to strengthen and stretch the legs and hips. If you happen to sit a lot (at a desk, in a car, etc…like most of us), practicing these standing yoga poses help to keep the body flexible and strong. Next we’ll come into a dynamic variation of twisted triangle / wide legged forward fold twist. Twisting is great anytime but in the morning there’s added benefit to get the digestion “moving.’ After the standing posture, we begin some yoga backbends or extension of the spine. These postures will really increase and move your energy throughout your body, so enjoy. After our backbends, we’ll unwind with some forward folds and gentle twists to re-balance the spine. Then our final resting poses…savasana to help you relax this morning. Try to stick with your whole savasana because it’s sooooo important to integrate your whole morning yoga practice. Most importantly, have a great morning and day! 🙂

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