To The Girl Who Feels Like She Used To Be Much Stronger


To the girl who feels like she used to be much stronger:

There was a time when you could bounce back from any personal setback. Now you are completely overwhelmed, with little confidence or coping skills to manage challenges. When life knocked you down, you were quick to adapt to circumstances. Low self-esteem has limited your mental strength to move forward and persevere.

Your resilience has tested you through the loss of relationships, deaths, and unexpected situations. Finding the opportunities to rise above and reinvent yourself has been daunting. I know you are stronger than this, but you are tired.

No matter what you were going through, you could always feel grateful and choose to see the positives. Currently, you can only visualize constant barriers, almost as though someone is holding your head underwater.

How do you replace your negative thoughts and control your emotions? How do you face your fears head-on and develop an optimistic outlook on life? How do you step outside your comfort zone to achieve your goals?

To the girl who feels like she used to be much stronger: Be gentle on yourself. Perhaps the purpose of this “weaker” time is to build a deeper sense of self.

Maybe your willpower is being tested for you to overcome the insurmountable challenges that are beyond your control. Sometimes you are stripped of your emotional well-being, your spirituality, your finances, and your physical health to rise above and come back stronger than ever!

We cannot know what love is without hate. We cannot feel happy unless we have felt sadness. We cannot value security without knowing abandonment. We cannot cherish relationships without having experienced loss.

Accepting where you are in your life right now is strength. Trying to control a stressful situation or external events is not realistic. Unfortunately, you cannot wish away problems—they happen whether you like them or not. Hitting rock bottom can result in a learning experience and personal growth.

Living through difficult situations can heighten your appreciation for life and deepen your spirituality.

Keep things in perspective—it could always be worse! Focus on the positives. There is always love and blessings surrounding you when you choose to see it.

To the girl who feels like she used to be much stronger: Take care of yourself and pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Often, we feel weak when our energy is drained by other people. Maybe you are doing too much for others or putting others’ needs ahead of your own.

Take a look at your past experiences as sources of education to learn. Life is a moving entity, and your journey may hit rough roads. Do not be afraid to ask for help from family and friends.

You are strong, regardless of how it feels. Be fearless in the pursuit of your dreams and stop caring what others think. Happiness is not immediate gratification. Happiness is a long-term achievement with many ups and downs.

Simplify things—we cannot control everything that happens to us, but we can control how we react. Your mind can be your biggest asset or your worst enemy.

When you are in the midst of turmoil, and that dark path feels isolating, remember that good comes from bad. The bravery it takes to climb that mountain will bring about the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

To the girl who feels like she used to be much stronger: Recognizing that you feel defeated is a strength that will bring you to a sweet victory from all of the injustices you have endured.

Strong girl, it will be okay. I believe in you!

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