Here’s Why Moms Are Actually The Best Entrepreneurs



“Where’s my shirt? I swear I looked everywhere!”

“What’s for dinner? Ew, pleaseee not fish!”

“Can I watch this? No? But mom! My friends are allowed!”

Sound familiar? Mothers have the hardest job out there. They’re tough, hard-working, decisive, and resilient (plus many more lovely adjectives). Unfortunately, many moms are so humble that they don’t even notice how qualified they are for something SO empowering: entrepreneurship!

Bust that belief that you don’t have the ‘right experience’ to be an entrepreneur. Life experience IS business experience. You’re an experienced manager, experienced consumer, and likely a hugely experienced problem-solver in your household!

Bust that belief that you don’t have the ‘right experience’ to be an entrepreneur. Life experience IS business experience.

So why are moms the best entrepreneurs out there? Let’s look at the facts.

Moms Don’t Waste Time

Anyone who is a mother knows that tomorrow will flow a lot smoother if you plan for it today. Moms are the greatest planners out of need! This positions them perfectly for planning an idea and its subsequent operations.

Similarly, moms are busy women with limited spare time! They have to be productive with all of their projects. Innately, moms are good caretakers. Problems are resolved quickly (and then it’s onto the next!) and solutions are created with care. Whether it be children, puppies, plants, or businesses, women sure know how to nurture a task. It’s no secret that moms are the most efficient and effective workers. 

Moms Manage Teams

Let’s be real. In the nuclear families that populate our society today, it’s still mom that shoulders much of the emotional and labour burden. Why is this? Well, that deserves its own article, but it can be chalked up to some societal conditioning, in short. After generations of being put in a caretaker role, moms are the best at keeping everything in line and lifting up others. This innate ability in women translates to women being the strongest leaders in homes, boardrooms, and everything in between. 

In the same vein, moms often play many roles for their team. They’re shuttle bus drivers, chefs, emotional supports, playmates, and more to their children and spouses. All the while, moms are dealing with their own lives! Oftentimes, moms are simultaneously doing multiple tasks for multiple people. This absolutely makes moms the all-time superstars of multitasking!

Moms Are Empathetic

Having heightened emotional intelligence as women, moms are good at sensing when something is wrong with family and friends. They can tell when to push to find out what’s wrong, and when it’s time to leave something alone. Segueing into leadership skill sets, moms are great at dealing with people. Whether it be customers, employees, suppliers, or other entrepreneurs, moms are great at interpersonal skills, as they can sense how to make people feel the most satisfied and comfortable.

Intuition is the next big thing in business. While analytics and big data will remain vital to the business world, increased value is being placed on validating intuition as a decision-making tool. Moms are constantly using their intuition (hello, women’s intuition) to make decisions that are best suited for themselves, their children, and their families. Gut feelings have a home in the business world, and moms are going to be the ones who will make the most intuitive decisions. 

So, moms! Got a five ,10, or 20-year gap on your resume? We applaud that. It means you were using all of your innate feminine intelligence to do the toughest job on the planet!

Can you see just how qualified you are for the business world now? So many women could be changing the world if they were simply empowered to take that leap into entrepreneurship!

Business isn’t exclusive to 20-somethings who just got business degrees and aspire to work at investment banks for the next three decades. Yes, we need people like that in the world, but we also need passionate, heart-led, and kickass women like moms in the business space!

So, next time you have one child whining about dinner, another screaming about curfew, and a spouse who is oblivious to the entire situation, take a step back, inhale a deep breath, and remember: all of these little things are amounting to you being the best entrepreneur in the game.

You’re a mom, and you mean business. Show the world how it’s done.

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