A Promise From God For When You Feel Unloved


You are beautiful just the way you are. And I wish you saw what I could see.

I know you think of yourself as a mess. I know you hate staring into the mirror and seeing the person staring back. I know you especially blame yourself for a lot of things that should not even trouble you.

But I just want to let you know that I think you are magnificent. I think the world of you. I think you deserve the best of love that there is to offer and to be able to fulfill your dreams and reach all of your goals, even if you are not ready to set any yet. I truly believe you are the light that shines through darkness, like a lighthouse guiding sailors home. You have that power, and you definitely have the potential to be the person who I know you are deep down inside.

Your heart is guarded and I understand why. It is completely valid why you push others away whenever they get close to you, and why you push and push until there is no one left.

But here is the promise that I am going to make to you:

No matter your reasoning, no matter your excuses, I am always going to love you. Because you are not the horrible person you think you are, and in fact, you are not a messed up person at all. You are not defined by the experiences that raised you. You are a person who was dealt an unlucky hand, always having to deal with people who leave and then blaming yourself and sitting in self-pity. You are a person who grew up in the worst of circumstances, and you still evolved into a person who gives unconditional love to others.

I refuse to let you believe that you are the worst of your failures or others’ mistakes. I refuse to let you break yourself to the bone just because work is the only thing that keeps your mind off of the difficult things. I love you, with everything that I have, because you deserve a love that makes the mountains shake and a love that the stars would even envy.

My promise to you is this: Ehether it is yesterday, today, or tomorrow, I am not leaving. I will stay put. Because I love you.

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