Not Everyone’s Going To See Your Magic, And That’s Okay


As humans, we enjoy being liked. We enjoy the comfort and approval from others. It’s a part of our biological nature to feel important and accepted. And we will go through extensive lengths just to become more likable.

We cut our hair, we buy new clothes, we throw out old ones, and we fill our lives with things to impress others. We’ll even go as far as changing some of our hobbies, dislikes, and characteristics just to become more likable.

But despite how much you try to change yourself, the truth is, not everyone is going to like you.

And maybe that sounds harsh, but you are not here on this earth with the purpose of gaining everyone’s approval. You are not here to prove your worth and potential to everyone you meet.

Because you will waste your energy trying to achieve unanimous likeability.

You will question your actions and wonder what you could have done just to get someone to like you. You will constantly wonder why someone wasn’t able to see a certain version of yourself. You will spend time on the wrong people, hoping if you just have more time, they will finally see how great you are.

But that’s a game you’ll never win.

It’s a game you will wear yourself out of. It’s a game that will influence you to change your unique attributes that make you who you are. You will change your interests, your likes, suppress your passions, and your personality just to try and win others over.

This won’t stop until you realize that not everyone is going to see your magic, and that’s okay.

It’s not your job to convince anyone of what you know to be true of yourself. It’s not your job to convince someone that you are worthy. It’s not your job to alter yourself to fit someone else’s liking. It’s not your job to convince someone that you are magic.

You know it exists in you. You know the beautiful, hard-working, caring, and strong-willed person you’ve spent days building yourself up to be. You know your proudest and darkest moments and everything else in between. You know that despite what anyone else thinks of you, what you think and believe about yourself triumphs anything else.

You know you are magic. You are magic. And you don’t need anyone else to see it to believe it.

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