This Is How You Tap Into Receiving


The energy your physical body carries vibrates at a frequency that is magnetic. You are constantly co-creating your reality. If this is news to you, you’ve been doing it unconsciously.

How can you begin to do it consciously? Manifestation techniques are useless if you’re not energetically ready to receive.

How sure are you that everything you are chasing in life right now is even in alignment with the truest version of yourself? I encourage you to deepen the connection with yourself. This meaningful relationship with self will ultimately be what we base our decisions and actions on. This creates the shifts in our external reality; for better or for worse, you might say. A little less than loving relationship with yourself could have you reflecting that in your external environment. This leads to discontentment, discouragement, dis-ease.

How do you begin deepening your relationship with self? Get quiet and listen. Navigate through the thoughts and belief systems in your mind and decide to consciously choose yours. Separate the beliefs you have taken on from your environment and the ones that are true to you. Through this navigation, you’ll embody more compassion for yourself as you move through your experience. Operating within a space of love for yourself is an amazing place to start. If you want your external reality to shift, begin making changes to the inside. Your outside will reflect.

Through extended practice, you begin establishing the knowing, in absolute certainty, that you are a Divine Light being. You can do all things. You can create all things. All you could possibly imagine is waiting for you. You are worthy of all the deepest desires of your soul.

This is not something that has ever been or ever will be earned. It is simply who you are. It is time to start living in that reality. You are no longer the victim. You are no longer sitting around, moping through life and wondering why it all just happens to you.

I can’t stress this enough. You create your reality, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Ask yourself this. Do the thoughts, words, actions I allow myself to experience align me with the life I am calling in?

Is this way of thinking aligning me with my higher self?

Are the actions I take daily—habits, routines, activities—something that my higher self would make a priority?

Are the relationships I’m investing my energy into ones that will encourage and support my higher self in all of their future endeavors?

Think less about DOING and more about EMBODYING.

It is not necessarily about doing all the things as much as it’s about aligning yourself.

We’re not talking leaps, jumps, or marathon races to the finish line. Our goal is small shifts. Pivot. Pivot. Pivot until you are perfectly aligned with the life you desire to create.

After reading, my hope is that you feel inspired and hungry for success. There is immense power within you.

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