Yoga For Beginners
10 minutes beginner friendly yoga at home🧘🏡

Yoga is something I’ve always enjoyed since I was little as my Grandma introduced me to it from a young age🥹❤️ There are so many benefits of yoga, including strengthened muscles, improved posture and flexibility, relieving stiffness and help managing stress🕊️☁️

I believe yoga is for everyone as there are so many variations & can be easily modified, from advanced to chair yoga suitable for those with limited mobility (my Grandma now occasionally does this like the remarkable woman she is🪑).

If you have 10 minutes, dedicate some time to yourself and flourish through the beauty of Yoga🧘🕊️ Relax, unwind and let go of any worries the world brings you🗺️

Tune into your own body and mind, connecting to oneself and fall in love with that feeling❤️🙏

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