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20 Minute Yoga Flow Vinyasa Class (intermediate). Today’s vinyasa flow yoga class is intermediate and leads to the peak pose called eka pada koundinyasana (aka scissors pose). I have also created a playlist of yoga practices for each day of the week here https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEs9dX8UXFZqjEiNK8M1c6A6SQ0xZCSp1 Eka means “one,” “pada” means foot and Koundinya was a scholar who became a buddhist monk after learning about the “middle way” from the Buddha. To practice the yoga pose eka pada koundinyasana we need to warm up the hips and shoulders with vinyasa flow. We also need to connect to our core muscles to find the “middle way.” Scissors yoga pose is less about strength and more about leverage and balance. I find the idea of a fulcrum to be helpful. Remember being at the playground enjoying the teeter-totter or seesaw with a friend? It was important that you both weighed about the same amount and it was also important that one of you didn’t decide to hop off while the other was in the air! Remember when you could find that perfect balance? It was pretty effortless, right? There’s a center point in the peak yoga pose eka pada koundinyasana that you’ll find after practicing vinyasa for a while. You find it in your body. Balance. The Middle Way. You may need to test the extremes first to find balance, but once you’ve tested the extremes. you’ll find that the point of balance will come with much less effort. Lean yourself forward enough to get your back leg to lift. If you don’t have the flexibility to straighten your front leg, don’t worry…you can practice the posture with the front leg bent. Most importantly, practice with your breath, attention and intention and enjoy the journey. Yoga poses come and poses go…enjoy the ride. If you enjoyed this 20 minute vinyasa flow yoga class at the intermediate level visit fightmasteryoga.com for a free yoga class everyday. xoxo

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