Pranayama to balance the Agya Chakra | 10 mins | Beginner Level

Yoga For Beginners
Pranayama simply means – the act of controlling your energy. Through the practice of pranayama, we learn to enhance and manipulate our energies.

Today’s practice will not only help you energise your body and mind but also balance your Agya Chakra which is responsible for clarity of thought, intuition and a sharp intellect.

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We shot this video at a space for mindful movement in the heart of Panjim city. Kaizen, Goa offer work-outs and work-ins that are joyful and sustainable. We absolutely love the plant based smoothies, juices and snacks the Kaizen cafe that are especially curated by Prerna, who has put her heart and soul into creating this beautiful space. Do drop in for a yoga or pilates class when you’re in Goa next!

Checkout their work at

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