5 basic yoga asanas | Asanas you should practice daily | yoga for beginners | Day-2

Yoga For Beginners
Welcome to Day 2 of our 11-day Yoga for Beginners program! Today, we will dive deep into the foundation of yoga asanas (poses). Asanas are the physical postures practiced in yoga, and they form the basis of our practice. In this session, we will explore some supine , prone positions asanas focusing on proper alignment, breath awareness, and mindful movement.

Building a strong foundation in yoga is crucial for developing strength, flexibility, and body awareness. Each pose will be broken down step by step, with detailed instructions and modifications to suit all levels. Whether you’re new to yoga or looking to refine your practice, this session will help you establish a solid base for your yoga journey.

Key Asanas Covered:

1. Supra tadasana
2. Ardh pawanmuktasana
3. Setubandhasana
4. Kativakrasana
5. Marjariasana

Remember to listen to your body, move with awareness, and breathe deeply. Join us as we lay the groundwork for a strong and sustainable yoga practice.

Let’s begin our yoga practice together!

What You’ll Need:
– A yoga mat
– Comfortable clothing
– A quiet space
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